Fire Risk Assessments

Know the danger. Minimise the risk.

A key part of preventing any building fire is to assess the potential hazards and risks.

RWS have a team of experts who will carry out extensive fire risk assessment surveys and offer you cost-effective recommendations to reduce those risks.

We offer a range of products and services, including a full expert installation that provides complete documentation and photographic evidence of the work completed.

Fire stopping

  • Pipe wrap
  • Pipe collars
  • Intumescent mastic seals
  • Intumescent pillows sleeves
  • Fire-rated mastic coated batts

Our extensive ISO 9001 procurement process and product testing in accordance with BS476 parts 4, 20 and 22, and EN 1366-3, help us maintain the high quality standards needed to achieve the fire penetration protection levels needed for each project.

Fire doors

Fire doors are an essential component in fire protection and RWS have been major suppliers and installers of fire doors, frames and partitioning systems to the high street.

The correct installation of a fire door is a complicated procedure, so it is essential this is carried out by our qualified and knowledgeable installers.

We offer:

  • A wide variety of fire door designs and styles
  • Off-the-shelf or made-to-measure fire doors
  • Complete range ironmongery to meet functional and aesthetic needs
  • 10-year guarantee on doorsets and ironmongery
  • Front entrance fire doors that can be Secured by Design (SBD) and tested to PAS24 (security) and PAS23
  • Doorsets that can take into account attack and forced entry
  • A limitless range of colours

For more information on how we can help with your specific needs, call Kirk or Stewart on 01733 351136 or email us.