Concept 2 Completion For Dilapidations

Pre Project

  • Fully review lease documentation to ascertain your full obligations
  • Attend site to carry out full survey
  • Meet landlord or their agents if necessary
  • Prepare full schedule of wants of repair
  • Provide schedule of costs and expenditure for proposed works
  • Agree schedule of works with landlord or their agents


  • Manage all Health and Safety arrangements to ensure current legislation is met
  • Project manage site
  • Carry out all works as per schedule of works
  • Liaise fully with the landlord or their agents throughout the project
  • Obtain full project sign off from landlord or their agents

Benefits of C2C

  • All the associated aggravation and risk is transferred to RWS
  • Omits the need for a separate tendering process therefore reducing pre-construction time and cost
  • RWS become responsible for all negotiations, planning, managing, construction, Health and Safety aspects and final handover, allowing tight and onerous time scales to be achieved
  • We obtain full sign off, ensuring you that any further financial liabilities or claims are fully resolved

Concept 2 Completion
On time
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