New Office Facility for 140 Employees Completed in 8 Weeks


Our client faced the challenge of rapidly relocating 140 employees and providing them with a professional working environment. Traditional approaches would have been too slow and potentially very costly. RWS were able to provide an innovative solution.

Project background

RWS identified that the employees could be rapidly located into an existing facility if it was modified accordingly. By constructing a two storey steel framed office within an existing warehouse facility it allowed for a rapid build and fit out.

Adopting this approach had benefits in

  • Design
  • Planning – as a temporary (seen as temporary) building within a warehouse no planning issues were encountered
  • Manufacturing – allowing for a rapid build time
  • Completion
Rapid relocation 1

Project work completed

Rapid relocation 5; design and build

This project involved RWS completing a number of design and construction activities


  • RWS identified a unique approach for the client that hadn’t previously been considered.
  • RWS worked directly with the client to understand the work space area and office requirements needed, and from this brief developed and designed the office facility


  • Clearing the existing warehouse to make suitable for installation
  • Organisation and installation of the pre-fabricated office assemblies
  • Personalised fit out to meet the clients’ exact requirements
  • Installation, connection and commissioning of all utilities

Project completion summary

  • The building works were completed  within the allocated 8 week time frame
  • Employees were able to work within the facility without any disruption or inconvenience
  • The suggested RWS approach
    • Saved the client over 60% of budget than if a more traditional approach had been considered
    • Allowed for a  very rapid completion time which allowed the business to get 140 employees working efficiently
Rapid relocation 2

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