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External protection

Creating a secure environment starts with protecting the external elements of a building, without compromising the accessibility and feel. At RWS we work with clients to ensure that the correct mix of safety and design are achieved.

Attack Blast Bullet Protection 3

Incorporating security within the building

Attack Blast Bullet Protection 4

For certain environments it is necessary to incorporate metal detection as part of the entrance process. This equipment can be bulky and not the most aesthetically pleasing. RWS experience in installing allows us to create a functional and attractive environment. Having a multidisciplinary team allows us to utilise a wide range of materials to create a highly secure environment with a softer more traditional office feel.

Attractive attack, bullet and blast protection

  • Design, supply and installation of an Ash faced front counter and screen formed using BR3 glazing, framing and speech mullions
  • Air conditioning incorporated without compromising protection to provide a safe and comfortable working environment
Attack Blast Bullet Protection 1

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