Enhanced Ballistic and Blast Resistant Protection from Manufacture to Installation


In today’s current environment many organisations and companies require enhanced protection (ballistic and blast resistant). For many years RWS have been manufacturing and installing ballistic and blast protection systems for companies and organisations nationally and internationally.

Project background

Our client needed to improve the ballistic and blast protection on both external and internal elements of the building.

RWS conducted a detailed analysis of the building and developed a comprehensive specification that covered

  • External windows and outward facing elements
  • Doors – external and internal
  • Partitions and screens – with a mixture of reception and meeting areas
  • Counters where staff had behind screen interaction with customers
Blast proof manufacture

Project work completed

Blast proof installation

Ballistic and blast protection projects typically follow a three stage process. The specification and design is created to ensure that the correct level of blast protection will be achieved. The ballistic/blast resistant elements are then manufactured to the stringent quality standards. Finally the critical installation stage is completed


There are many variables to take into account when designing an enhanced system, as follows:

  • Size of charge
  • Proximity of charge
  • Environment
  • Internal or external
  • Frame design
  • Fixing parameters
  • Glass specification

RWS partner with experts in the field to ensure excellence in design and manufacture. This enables us to protect the building fabric, the inhabitants and the public.


RWS have been manufacturing enhanced products for over 20 years. The in-house manufacturing capability provides numerous advantages

  • Unique shaped and sized components can be easily manufactured where required
  • If additional enhanced components are required these can be rapidly produced. This can have many advantages if an installation is required in an area that is difficult to survey and might throw up unusual requirements


The methodology and approach to installation of enhanced products is critical. Enhanced products must be installed by specialist trained installers to ensure effective protection in the event of a ballistic or blast attack. The RWS team are experienced in successfully completing enhanced installations throughout the world.

Project completion summary

  • RWS protection systems all conform to British Standards
  • Ballistic resistant  counters and screens developed using a totally modular design
  • RWS ballistic and blast resistant systems used throughout the world in foreign embassies
Blast Proof Windows