Blast and Ballistic

Enhanced Protection

When it comes to extra building security and blast and ballistic protection, RWS have an unparalleled understanding of the technology, techniques and systems to meet your specifications.

We have extensive experience in designing bespoke solutions to meet unique requirements, all while operating a completely confidential service.

We work with partners on our blast and ballistic protection systems, as well as offering a unique modular system, called BBX, that is quick to install.

Our explosive resistance, or XR, systems have been tested in line with ISO 16933 (the internationally recognised standard), offering maximum protection against shockwaves in the event of an explosion.


Blast-resistant systems

In partnership with Schueco, our XR systems, such as blast-resistant windows and buildings, are manufactured and installed under the SABRE approval scheme for installers and fabricators. Our systems:

  • are approved to national building specifications
  • provide a high level of thermal insulation and meet Document L requirements
  • are tested to UK MOD guidelines and US GSA regulations


Ballistic-resistant systems

Ballistic resistant, or BR, systems are designed with built-in protection in mind, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive.

Our BR systems can:

  • be designed to meet FB2 to FB6 classification
  • can provide a high level of thermal insulation and meet Document L requirements

RWS have a long tradition and excellent track record designing and installing bespoke XR and BR solutions on ‘at-risk’ building while completing other building works.

For more information on how we can help with your specific needs, call Kirk or Stewart on 01733 351136 or email us.