Gary Robinson

Gary Robinson RWS

Managing Director

My main role is to maintain and grow the business, allowing the team to flourish with their specialist skills and deliver for client. I take great pleasure knowing RWS maintains good working ethic and morals, both for our client and the team

My experience

I started my career as technical engineering apprentice within the mechanical engineering sector, progressing through the ranks until I founded RWS in 1990.

Since then, I’ve worked around the world including South America, Africa and Ulan Bator. There have been some unique requests over the years – hiring a Chinook helicopter to remove some equipment in a major city is one that sticks in the mind.

In my spare time

I spend a lot of time in the countryside. I love breeding horses and farming – in particular, I find the genetic aspect of breeding fascinating with 13 wins last year.

To discuss your bespoke requirements, contact Gary on:

01733 351136